Internet Wi-Fi

Carefree Manor has Internet Wi-Fi available for daily, weekly and monthly visitors.

You can purchase an access code online after connecting to one of the five Wi-Fi hotspots (see table below) and opening your Internet browser. Or you can contact the office to get an access code and look for one of the 5 “Carefree” hotspots to connect to.

This Wi-Fi service is designed for email usage and web browsing. Downloading large files or streaming movies will result in automatic limitation of access.

If you experience any problems with our Wi-Fi, please let us know so we can resolve the issue by calling the office or emailing

Carefree Manor will NOT tolerate any file sharing of copyrighted materials uploaded through our system. You will be held financially responsible for any costs in defending any copyright lawsuit or loss of our Internet service at the park due to your actions. Please be a good Internet citizen!

Carefree Manor is neither liable nor responsible for any use, access, and/or connections to the service.  We do not guarantee any transmission, nor the results obtained or produced through use of  this Internet service. We are not responsible for your laptop security or data integrity.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Names

Carefree-12 (Far West)
Carefree-51 (West)
Carefree-00 (Central Office)
Carefree-106 (East)
Carefree-77 (Far East)